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Police (EMERGENCY)         911

Communication Center (Non-Emergency)   719-336-3977    Website

Adult Abuse Reporting  1001 S. Main St.  Lamar, CO    719-336-7486   Website

Child Abuse Reporting 1001 S. Main St.  Lamar, CO   719-336-7486;   1-844-CO-4KIDS   Website

Domestic Safety Resource Center 1001 S. Main St., Suite 102  Lamar, CO  719-336-4357

Granada Police Department 103 1/2 S. Main St. Granada, CO  81041  719-734-5211

Lamar Police Department 505 S. Main St.  Lamar, CO  81052  719-336-4341  Website

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  1-800-273-8255  Website

Poison Control  1-800-222-1222  Website

Prowers County Sheriff’s Department  103 E. Oak St.  Lamar, CO  719-336-8050   Website

Prowers Medical Emergency Room 401 Kendall Dr.  Lamar, CO   719-336-4343    Website

Emergency Numbers: What We Do
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